What Are the Rights & Responsibilities you have as a Consumer?

February 2, 2023    commerciallawyersinperth
What Are the Rights & Responsibilities you have as a Consumer?

All About Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

As a consumer, there are certain rights that protect you, and these rights can protect you when you shop in any store or online. They can also protect you when you purchase things from someone who arrives at your door or when you purchase something from someone calling you on the phone.

There are certain customer rights and responsibilities that you must know as a consumer in Australia. You have rights such as asking for a better price, being treated in a fair manner, being provided with the correct information and many more. In this specific guide, you will learn more about the importance of consumer law, consumer rights and responsibilities in Australia.

Replacements, Repairs or Refunds

When you purchase services, goods or other things, you must know that they come with guarantees that come within the ACL or Australian Consumer Law Lawyers. Some of these include the following:

  • The goods will match their description or even the demonstration model.
  • The goods have to be of acceptable quality.
  • The goods and services must be proper so that they can be used for the relevant purpose.
  • The services must be provided with proper skill and care and in a reasonable time.

If anything goes wrong and the service/product does not meet the consumer guarantee, you will have the right to order replacement or refund for those relevant goods or services. If there is a failure to meet the guarantee for services or goods, you can choose how the failure will be fixed. In case the failure is small, the business will choose that thing for you.

You Can Choose to Say No.

If you are approached by a service at your home or looking at products or services, at times, you may want the seller to leave, which is not easy. You may also want the seller to stop talking to you. But no matter what happens, you can always choose not to purchase anything or even sign a contract with the help of contract advice lawyers Perth.

If you desire, you can take your time and not rush to purchase any goods/services or sign a contract that you are unhappy with. As part of your consumer rights, it is essential to know that if a seller forces you to agree to an agreement or purchase a product; you can tell them that you have changed your mind. You can also choose to talk to someone else or take time to think about it.

What Are Some Rights You Have as a Consumer?

Some of the rights you have as a consumer in Australia are as follows:

1. You have the right to be heard

As an Australian consumer, you also have the right to be heard if you have complaints regarding products or services. For instance, if you purchase a helmet from a sports store and find that something is loose, you have the right to let the store know about this. Always remember that most businesses rely on satisfying their customers via their services or goods. Their primary purpose is to listen to the concerns of their customers.

2. You have the right to get your problems sorted or corrected.

You will find that sometimes there are products that work improperly after you purchase them. As a customer, if you take that item back to the store with the receipt, they will either replace the product or issue a refund. If an Australian store or business does not correct the specific problem, customers can write to the manufacturer to get the problem sorted.

3. You have the right to consumer education.

People also have the consumer right to learn how the Australian market system works. You must be aware of the ways to get the best value and also be satisfied with your money. When purchasing an item from an Australian store, you must know that the price will vary in different stores. You must also know the best way to compare shops to buy the best product for yourself.

You can check the information that is needed by Australian law on the labels. Also, read the fact sheets regarding the products you are looking to purchase from a store. You will also find that there are businesses that do not operate keeping the customer’s best interests in mind. This is known as a bait and switch tactic where buyers get tempted by any advertised bargain, and this is how they purchase the most expensive item.

4. You have the right to service.

As an Australian customer, you have the right to be treated in the most respectful and courteous manner. You can also expect to have the right to a quick delivery of goods or services that will meet the quality standard that a business claims.

As a customer, you also have the right to get served without being discriminated against. These fundamental rights will apply to you whenever you arrive at a store or are served.

What Are Some of Your Responsibilities as a Consumer?

You must know that when there are rights, there are responsibilities too. Some of your consumer responsibilities are as follows:

1. Being a consumer, you have the responsibility to get yourself educated

If you find that any information regarding the product is there, you have the responsibility to read that information. You can also use the product the way it should be used. This responsibility can help inform consumers to know about the things they are purchasing.

It doesn’t matter what you are buying, if it is food, it is essential to read the labels and also know more about the nutritional facts. Product labels can help you know the percentage of ingredients that a product has. When shopping for clothes, you must read the labels to know what materials they have. The labels can also let you know the way the clothes will be cleaned.

2. You have the responsibility to choose carefully or properly.

Customers who are known to be responsible can make comparisons to find the best service or product at the ideal price. Before shopping, you must know which company will offer you the best guarantee, what products will fit your budget, and your needs. Examine all the available options to make a proper and educated choice before purchasing.

There are also choices you make that can affect the environment, and this is something that you must be aware of. There are vehicles that emit more compared to others that can be harmful to others. This can help contribute to pollution, so you must make proper choices to avoid this. Pollution is usually caused by product waste and also the ways we use them.

3. You have the responsibility to use the products safely.

As part of your consumer responsibilities, it is also important for you to follow the instructions that are in product manuals or other specific materials. For instance, as a consumer, you must ensure to read the label of a cold remedy to know the recommended dosage. If you know a product is unsafe, contact the seller or producer and talk about the product.

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You can read the blog above to learn more about customer rights and responsibilities in Australia. If you need help in knowing more about your rights and feel that you have cheated on a product, you can take the help of top consumer law lawyers in your area. Commercial Lawyers Perth can help provide lawyers who are well aware of Australian consumer laws and will assist you in whatever way they can.

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  • Commercial lawyers Perth team did a great job for my settlement. Very professional and friendly lawyers in Perth . My queries were always answered and were just a call away. Highly recommended commercial lawyers in Perth , Western Australia

  • Commercial Lawyers Perth WA did a great job for my settlement. Very professional and friendly lawyers in Perth. My queries were always answered and were just a call away. Highly recommended commercial lawyers in Perth, Western Australia

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