What Are The Most Common Problems Faced During The Lease Agreement?

October 8, 2020    commerciallawyersinperth
What Are The Most Common Problems Faced During The Lease Agreement?

Australia wants that every tenant and landlord in the country enjoys beneficial legal rights. Keeping this factor in mind, the Australian government has suggested the lease agreement. This is a substantial document which specifies the rights and responsibilities between the landlord and the tenant. So, it indispensable for both the parties to abide by the contract’s clauses until the stipulated time-frame. Sometimes, either of the parties faces some common issues concerning the lease agreement.

A comprehensive checklist of some of these problems is outlined below.

1. Involvement In Anti-Discrimination Act

As a landlord, you should also be aware of the various rights of your tenant. Some Australians forget to exclude certain people for avoiding discrimination. Failure to do so might entangle you into the hassle of the Australian Anti-Discrimination Act. So, whenever you’re showing your home to a tenant consider certain factors. These include their outward behaviour, impairments and marital status. When declining a tenant, ensure you do it lawfully to avoid the said legal dispute. This should be done via substantial evidence according to their rental history and background verification.

2. Failure To Document Every Aspect

Unlike a verbal agreement, a landlord must make a written agreement imperatively. You can contact the best commercial lawyers Perth in this regard. While drafting your lease agreement, make sure you do everything there. Try and list anything which can be broken, shifted or dug up. In short, your lease agreement should be a detailed representation of your home. It should cover crucial aspects like pets, belated payment costs and utilities etc. Some landlords miss out on doing this and often get involved in some unprecedented legal issues.

3. Breach Of Contract

This is undoubtedly the greatest problem which landlords can encounter in Australia. Some tenants are no way less than hooligans. They sign the contract in a lawful manner. Ironically, after sometime they violate the various clauses unhesitatingly. This approach can culminate when they suddenly leave the property without completing the contract term. In fact, some tenant can lengthen their stay duration without paying any rent.

4. Inability To Provide Correct Information

It may happen that your home consists of certain construction errors. While drafting your lease contract in Perth, you should be truthful about it to your tenant. Make sure you provide correct information to your lease agreement lawyer while doing so. Problems like mould, asbestos and scraping paint should be included imperatively. According to the tenancy Act 2010, your tenant has the right to become aware of these facts.

Possible Problems For Providing False Information

Some Australian landlords hesitate while divulging these facts and end up providing erroneous information. In such situations, they will get incurred by potential penalties. These include loss of rent and payment of reasonable fines as well. So, as a landlord you certainly don’t want to be incurred by these penalties. To avoid this situation, you should frame an impeccable lease agreement. The top lease agreement lawyers in Perth can provide you the best assistance in this regard.

5. Failure To Consider The Necessity Of A Lease Agreement

Many Australian landlords don’t consider making a lease agreement imperatively. This is wrong. After all, your rental business is no joke. Just the way you have your own obligations and rights, so is your tenant. By making a lease agreement you’re documenting these clauses for your tenant. The top commercial litigation lawyers Perth that’s why always advise their clients to make a lease agreement indispensably. Forming an informal landlord-tenant relationship is no harm but taking your rental business casually is a blunder to be precise.

Possible Outcomes

So, you may think that what are the possible outcomes if you fail to draft a lease agreement? Well, you will be incurred by potential fines if you don’t draft a lease agreement before renting out your home. To avoid this problem, getting high-quality services is absolutely necessary. Contact the top lease agreement lawyers in Perth and get a flawless lease agreement drafted. This lets both the parties can enjoy their lease rights while adhering to their responsibilities.

6. Failure To Obtain A Bond

While making a lease agreement in Australia, include the clause of ‘tenants bond’ imperatively. This is a clause which protects your rights and lets you clarify the pertinent rules. This clause basically gives you the privilege of a security bond consisting of a four weeks’ rent. Costs for unwanted damages and the rent of one month will be covered by this clause. Failure to include this clause means losing all the financial compensations included in it.

7. Your Tenants Are Unsafe

As a landlord, you must provide absolute safety to your tenant. A lease agreement is such a document which assures your tenant about such safety provisions. According to the Residential Tenancies Act of 2010, you’ve got certain legal responsibilities towards your tenant. Compliance to these regulations will let you ensure the complete the safety of your tenant. These include their protection from certain damages like detrimental natural or chemical hazards. A lease agreement also requires you to satisfy certain requests of your tenant including:

  • Criminal activities about which the neighbours have complained
  • Take immediate actions if your tenant complains about any safety issues
  • If your tenant request you for urgent repairs then take actions immediately

Failure to make a lease agreement may entangle you into some unprecedented problems. These may come in the form of either your tenant suing you or you’re paying exorbitant sums for the damages. Contact the best commercial lawyers in Perth and they will assist you in the finest possible manner.

How Commercial Lawyers Perth Can Help You?

A team of top-notch lease agreement lawyers are knowledgeable enough make the best lease agreement for you. If required they can also represent you in your pertinent lease debate effectively. Depending on your individual circumstances, your lawyer will draft the perfect lease agreement for you. So, do you also want to avoid any of the problems with your lease agreement above? Then, hire a qualified lease agreement lawyer in Perth today.

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  • Commercial lawyers Perth WA team did a great job for my settlement. Very professional and friendly lawyers in Perth . My queries were always answered and were just a call away . Highly recommended commercial lawyers in Perth , Western Australia!

    Clara Jones
  • Commercial lawyers Perth team did a great job for my settlement. Very professional and friendly lawyers in Perth . My queries were always answered and were just a call away. Highly recommended commercial lawyers in Perth , Western Australia

  • Commercial Lawyers Perth WA did a great job for my settlement. Very professional and friendly lawyers in Perth. My queries were always answered and were just a call away. Highly recommended commercial lawyers in Perth, Western Australia

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